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Dohrect Silage Equipment

The revolutionary Dohrect Enject Systems include an insulated tank and ice packs. This is designed to help keep the bacteria cool to prolong a healthy life. The lid on the insulated tank is the full diameter to make for easy cleaning of the tank. A flush system is standard on all units, making flushing the pump and lines simple and easy. The DE-1000 now includes the FM-1000 Flowmeter for easy calibration, making the system even easier to use.

The installation on the Dohrect Enject System is quite simple, especially compared to conventional systems due to their compact size. The baseplate is only 16 inches square and the complete unit stands only 24 inches high. The DE-1000 includes 35 feet of cord with connections pre-wired, making wiring very simple.

  • Model DE-1000
  • FM-1000 Flowmeter
  • CM-2 Chopper Mount

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